Teaching Interests

  • My teaching interests include international relations, comparative politics, terrorism, human security, political violence, international conflict, international political economy, human rights, African politics, African regional security, and others. Methodologically, I am prepared to instruct courses in basic and advanced quantitative methods, mixed methodology, and research design.

Instructor, War and Human Security 

  • Lead instructor of an upper-level undergraduate course on human security in armed intrastate conflict. The course is designed to introduce students to the human consequences of armed conflict and the policy methods used to address these issues. Topics covered include human rights, one-sided violence, gender security, displacement, human trafficking, the economic consequences of war, and the track records of policy solutions commonly used to mitigate the adverse effects of armed conflict on non-combatants.

  • Spring 2019, University of Georgia

  • Syllabus

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to American Foreign Policy

  • Assistant to Loch Johnson for an undergraduate seminar on key global issues, as revealed by America’s foreign policy approach to world affairs. The course looks at these basic questions about U.S. foreign policy: why the U.S. concerns itself with the rest of the world and how the U.S. forges external relations. The primary focus is on America’s global ties since the end of the Second World War

  • Fall 2018, University of Georgia

Instructor, Global Issues 

  • Lead instructor of an introductory undergraduate course on global issues.  The course is designed to help students better understand global political issues and the international political system.  It also serves as a primer for the tools, concepts, and current challenges of social inquiry in international affairs.  Topics covered include globalization, foreign policy, human security, the global economy, peace and conflict, and the global environment.   

  • Spring 2018, University of Georgia

Instructor, Terrorism

  • Lead instructor of upper-level undergraduate course on terrorism.  Topics covered include the definition of terrorism, the dynamics of violence in intrastate conflict, the strategic logic of terrorism, and approaches to counterterrorism/counterinsurgency. While the study of terrorism is sometimes isolated from broader studies of insurgency and armed conflict, this course focuses on scientific explanations of terrorism, rooting them within a broader framework of contemporary warfare.

  • Fall 2017, University of Georgia 

Teaching Assistant, Game Theory

  • Assistant to Scott Ainsworth for a graduate-level seminar on the use of game theory in political analysis. Topics covered include strategic decision-making, dynamic and static models, competitive and cooperative game theory, and the refinements of Nash equilibrium. 

  • Summer 2016, ICPSR Summer Program, University of Michigan

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to American Government

  • Assistant to Tony Madonna and Audrey Haynes for multiple introductory undergraduate seminars on the political analysis of American government. Topics covered include voting behavior, the two party system, federalism, congress, the origins and functions of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government, and public opinion.

  • Fall 2014 - Spring 2016, University of Georgia